Outsourced Bookkeeping Services: How much bookkeepers cost in Ireland? 

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services: How much bookkeepers cost in Ireland? 

Accounting and bookkeeping practices have changed significantly over the past couple of years. The processes we run a business have taken a more integrated, cloud-based flow of information approach. This has also brought a change to the worth put on bookkeeping and its place in growing organisations. Nowadays, the bookkeepers cost in Ireland relies upon numerous factors. Organisation size and life cycle, number of transactions happening daily or monthly, number of employees, and how payroll is handled, cost accounts, invoices & bills to be paid, and so on. 

Numerous small firms in their beginning phases are essentially worried about compliance: covering bills, making payments, recording transactions, guaranteeing the precision in pay scales, and compliance with state and government guidelines.

Sooner or later, your business will grow and you will start to feel the requirement for ideal, precise monetary reports and confidential data. This is the point at which you need high-quality accuracy-based accounting and management or managerial accounting to help you settle on data-driven decisions. 

What does a bookkeeper do for your small business?

Xero-certified bookkeepers handle your books intently and every day. They enter all the information into the accounting tool. They centre around recording the transactions of the business by overseeing records, following transactions, and making monetary reports. 

Bookkeepers are focused on staying up with the latest trends and updated books. They normally enter all the information into the accounting software. 

Some of the basic services our bookkeepers provide include: 

  • Bookkeeping including accounts payable and accounts receivables
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll

How much bookkeepers cost in Ireland?

The average price of outsourcing your bookkeeping is between €200 to €1000 per month, contingent upon the number of transactions and the intricacy of the services needed. The enormous benefit of outsourcing bookkeeping services for SMBs is that it permits you to customize the services you need and pay accordingly. Furthermore, you can outsource more developed management accounting and advisory roles which will add to your monthly expense, however, you may require it at this stage in your improvement cycle.

Some facts regarding a bookkeeper’s pay: 

  • As per a study done by Accountancy Age: an experienced and qualified bookkeeper can take a salary up to €25,000 – €35,000 for reconciling accounts for auditors and doing payroll etc. 
  • According to payscale.com – A Bookkeepers’ cost an average hourly pay of €13.84 
  • Indeed states the average salary for a bookkeeper is €30,070 per year in Ireland. 

Often businesses find these rates too much but as a matter of fact, outsourcing bookkeeping saves you around 70% of the overall expenses in comparison to recruiting an in-house accounting team. 

“I don’t recommend using an unqualified bookkeeper. Like in so many other areas of life and business, getting something done more cheaply can actually cost you more in the long run,” says Rory Finegan (Founder and CEO of Beyond Accounting) 

How We View Bookkeeping At Outbooks 

We consider bookkeeping to be the foundation of compelling financial management and in this manner an exceptionally gifted job. Bookkeeping is not, at this point, a mere data entry practice that can be appointed to a junior person from staff with no information on accounting.

When you spend money on bookkeeping services, you get a ton of significant peace and it takes things like recording and payroll off your plate.

When your bookkeeper is a solid match, they can remain with the business for a long time and truly have an effect on your business’s success. 

At Outbooks, the vast majority of our bookkeepers are certified & qualified bookkeepers, so they carry with them an abundance of experience and an in-depth comprehension of business finance that can affect a firm positively. 

We are ACCA Approved, BSI regulated and certified by XERO, QuickBooks, and Receipt Bank etc. It means one thing that they are proficient in multiple-accounting software. 

Contact us today and get a free trial of 10 hours to solve your bookkeeping issues!

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5 big challenges faced by Irish accounting firms today

5 big challenges faced by Irish accounting firms today

It’s an obvious fact that running an accounting firm is hard. Yet, for Irish Accounting firms specifically, there is a wide range of regular difficulties and challenges. Indeed, the Irish economy is relatively robust, however, that doesn’t mean everything’s fine. High rents and the cost of living with steady income growth have all negatively affected the funds of numerous Irish families as well as organizations. It has implied that prospective clients might not have the good cash flow that they used to have, and this can influence organizations significantly.

Shockingly, the financial support expected to run an organization has soared. Overhead expenses, insurances, property lease, and administrative compliance are currently significant points to worry about. Below we have talked about some challenges faced by Irish Accounting Firms in the present time.

The COVID-19 pandemic

Soon we forget the last year, the better it will be. Nobody might have anticipated how life in 2020 would change so radically, and with zero pandemic knowledge, the Irish economy is battling. 

In September the Irish government affirmed that the nation is facing recession, contracting by a record 6.1% in the second quarter of last year. 

Continuous lockdown, shortage of staff, remote working and many other things affected the productivity of small accounting firms in Ireland. Moreover, their clients started cancelling contracts in order to save some money. 


Many questions are still not answered around the UK’s takeoff from the EU and what it will mean for Irish business sectors. Not exclusively are rules and guidelines actually being worked out, however, issues related to funding are a migraine as well. 

Recently it was declared that Irish residents who decide to live in the UK will be considered as ‘settled’, so will have no residency or work grant necessities. They can likewise move openly between the two countries which include the Common Travel Area (CTA), similarly as UK residents.

Rise in Technology 

It is one of the biggest challenges faced by Irish Accounting firms. Advanced technology and Innovation proceeds to create new trends in the accounting industry. Machine learning and Data Analytics are major points of discussion among accountants. As per Flexera: 94% of accounting firms have started using cloud accounting. 

Also, with the rise in innovation, bookkeeping firms must protect themselves on the Internet. Cybercrime specifically will be a danger to bookkeeping firms, because of the touchy information that organizations have on customers, and steps must be taken to guarantee that there is adequate IT security set up to secure customers’ information.

Challenge of Automation 

As AI becomes further developed, the methodology of the work that accountants and bookkeepers perform will change. It is right to say that in five years’ time, most simple tasks that were frequently left to junior bookkeepers, like data entry, may turn out to be completely automated by accounting software.

There will probably consistently be a requirement for a certified accountant to investigate a client’s tax file or records, especially when an issue emerges that is different. Accountants are moving towards advisory roles.

Staff Shortages

For Irish Accounting SMEs, recruiting, preparing and keeping great employees can be a tough exercise. Frequently when they hire, the most brilliant, generally qualified and most determined colleagues don’t stay after some time as they’re enticed away by big contenders. With Brexit approaching, these firms may well lose more staff who presently need work licenses to remain.

Closing Note

Accountants have confronted numerous difficulties in recent years. Taking care of a small organization can be very tiresome and directors will in general have an enormous number of duties to deal with. With the rise in overhead costs, it has become more troublesome for these small firms to retain in the market. 

Outbooks is a leading accounting outsourcing company in Ireland that helps you in saving 60% of your overhead expenses. You can effortlessly provide your work to our certified accountants and expect great returns and accurate results. Get in touch with us at: 

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How To Find A Good Certified Bookkeeper In Ireland?

How To Find A Good Certified Bookkeeper In Ireland?

There is a dire need for certified bookkeepers among accounting firms in Ireland especially post-Brexit. Also, according to PayPie, 70% of the small business accountants view their advisory roles as becoming more strategic. That means accountants are shifting more towards business consulting, thus, the need to find a certified bookkeeper to handle their client’s books is increasing. Bookkeepers are qualified to perform a variety of roles consisting 

  • monitor sales, buys, payments and receipts 
  • Document the data in bookkeeping tools utilizing correct bookkeeping methods. 
  • Work with you to figure out the numbers, for instance allotting expenses to particular clients. 

As indicated by some experts, employing a bookkeeper to deal with your books is something that would profit your organization. 

How to find a certified bookkeeper?

When you know your necessities you can start looking for a bookkeeper who’ll be the ideal fit for your business. You will be offering your financial information to them so you should trust them. To make your decisions, here are a few hints. 

  • Choose if you need a sole dealer, a small agency or a bigger organization. Do they have a sufficient workforce to manage your necessities? 
  • Do they offer personalised and customised bookkeeping services, have practical experience in your sort of business or industry?
  • Will you be hiring an offshore bookkeeping services partner who will be working remotely?

Ask from your network

Consult with your colleagues, family, friends and social networks: they may suggest some professionals. Your local business directory may likewise give you a few leads. Check if there is a bookkeepers affiliation or something comparative recorded around there.

As an accounting firm, you must be aware of some professional bookkeeping outsourcing agencies yourself. Contact them and discuss your details further.  

Reviews, testimonials and reliability

Websites, for example, Trustpilot will allow you to see opinions and reviews for bookkeeping firms recorded there. Search for the feedback given by organizations of comparable size to yours – if the commentator is a lot bigger or smaller than you, their review may not be exceptionally useful. A bookkeeper likewise should have testimonials from their customers that they will impart to you.

What to do before you hire a bookkeeper that is appropriate for your business?

Background Check

Always check the records and past work culture of your bookkeeping partner. Research deeply about their credentials and where they are a registered company or not. Are they a part of any professional accounting body? Have they ever been involved in frauds and crimes? 

See whether they are certified professional bookkeeping service providers or not? They must be ACCA Approved, GDPR Compliant, XERO advisor and so on.

Check What Accounting Software They Utilise 

Before you recruit a bookkeeper, you need to understand what bookkeeping tool they use and whether you will have regulatory rights for that product or not. The exact opposite thing you need is to work with somebody who retains your own data from you. Make sure that you will have the access to your bookkeeping records so everything is clear and straightforward.

Data security 

Ask them the questions related to the security of your data? They must follow a non-disclosure system that ensures your data will not be leaked. They must be using the latest cloud-based technology to guarantee data safety. 

Check their rates 

Numerous firms are searching for a bookkeeper on a tight budget plan. If you think employing a proficient, and experienced bookkeeper is costly, recruiting an awful one will set you back. Ask for the customised services as per your company’s needs. 

To sum up: 

Remember to always search for freelance or agency based bookkeepers. Hire them in an outsourced model as these people are very efficient and qualitative. They don’t neglect their client’s work and provide accurate results. 

Outbooks is the first priority of accounting firms in the UK when it comes to outsourcing their repetitive and boring bookkeeping work. Our experts are certified and have more than 10 years of experience in offering quality and accurate results. To know more – 

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